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Finding the right boarding kennel for your dog or cat should be a dream come true. Your pet is a very special member of your family and trusts you to find them a safe and happy place to stay while you are away.

The people are the most important aspect of the kennel. When you drop off your pet you want to feel 100% confident that they are in the right place, and you can go away without a worry in the world. You want a director who really knows and understands dogs and cats, and has the background to prove it. Our director, Judy Umstead is a current animal control officer for the towns of Bethlehem and Woodbury, previously worked in a veterinary office, ran a dog rescue as well as running Hemlock Kennels for the past several years.

Services include:

  • -we provide a safe, clean environment that exceeds state regulations. We have a quiet, country setting away from busy roads and noise.
  • -Our manager and family live on the property so someone is always here.
  • Many local vets refer us to their clients. They know our good reputation and know we will call them if we have any concerns. 
  • -We have large outdoor exercise pens as well as our new indoor playroom. Every dogs gets out to play every day as well as having their own indoor/outdoor kennel.
  • -Our groomer has over 30 years experience and will groom either while your dog is here, or we will make individual appointments at your convenience.
  • we provide a day filled with fun and socialization.
  • -Ask them who they use and why they like us.
  • The most important advice is to ask questions and feel confident with the answers.

Contact us today 203-266-7219 to schedule services or for more info.